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L’appartement (1996) starring Bellucci, Cassel and Bohringer

I couldn’t find a better picture to resemble the dissecting, weaving, wretched plotline of this romantic thriller, but alas, there it is. The first thing that attracted me to this film was that it was an early film of Monica Bellucci and … Continue reading

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Tournée (2010) directed by Mathieu Almaric

Tournée is one of those wonderfully-crafted masterpieces that isn’t a masterpiece. A masterpiece is a word to describe a million different colours, themes and brushstrokes, or chemicals combined to create an image of insignificant brilliance. I don’t know why people … Continue reading

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Noise (2007) Commit to Memory – directed by Matthew Saville

It was the best Australian film of 2007. When a film comes out that enthrals you the way Noise does, it’s a bonus that it came from Australia. Modern Australian cinema could be described in some circumstances as “honest” and … Continue reading

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – theatrically details the despicable and the useless

It is tragedy to think why somebody would gamble their whole life, waste it away, once be young and grow old, to loose, and to still think they can end up on top. What would it take to save yourself … Continue reading

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to the people who adore cinema

I have nothing particularly interesting to post on my first post. The reason for this is because I really don’t know what I want to do by writing on cinema. I need to practise writing and I hope that over … Continue reading

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