Pictures I’ve seen over the last week

I never got to mention the Women on the Sixth Floor, or Special Treatment, which I saw at the end of the French Film Festival which is what we had here in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. However, these treasures are what I got to see the week past.

The only one I saw at the cinema was Never Let Me Go. It was a wonderful film and I’m glad I got a chance to see it. I was never a fan of One Hour Photo but this film is on another level. The performances in this subtle science fiction drama are one for the books. It’s no wonder Andrew Garfield made it to Hollywood to star in one of the best films of last year – The Social Network – when you can see his perfomances in this and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasses. His body of work is looking stronger and stronger his each role.

The Lives of Others was a great film and Silent Light was slow and unfortunately the beautiful images, compositions, camera movements portraying the gentle story of adultered desires couldn’t keep me from however I was feeling that morning – which was tired – a small problem with the medium of home viewing. Its a shame I couldn’t have the patience of the home viewing experience of Carlos Reygadas’ work – perhaps I was too comfortable.

The outstanding film that affects me above all previously mentioned was Chaotic Ana. Right up until the very ending I thought it was an incredibly intelligent how it totally immerses you in the character of Ana. Its really amazing how the film manages to capture the essence of who she is and what she is going through. Then you realise the director has made the film for his sister and in fact all the artwork in the film is hers. It just solidifies it as a masterful piece about a one woman’s soul and idolises her – creating the model of pain all good people go through.

Chaotic Ana (2007) directed by Julio Medem
Silent Light (2007) directed by Carlos ReygadasNever Let Me Go (2010) directed by Mark RomanekThe Lives of Others (2006) directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck


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