Come and See (1985)

Director: Elem Klimov


come and see2

Now I am only posting this because if you have absolutely no access to this movie and you think you want to watch it and have no other way to gain access to it, then here it is. I myself watched it for the first time here because it was a film I had wanted to seek out for a long time and was literally not available to me.

This film has a resonance that stays with you. It is a powerful film from an age of filmmaking which doesn’t exist anymore. It’s from the Soviet Union. If I were to open my own cinema I would definately have this film make an appearance every year or so.

This film is divided into two parts, so there is an interval halfway. It’s powerful but try and watch it out. Devote your time to watching it. The cinema stands the test of time. There’s something about Soviet filmmakers that is unrelenting and awesome. The use of the lens is fantastic. It may be only one or two lenses. One of the first films to be almost entirely shot using the steadicam. A technique that would be employed by many ‘great’ filmmakers even up to modern filmmaking. A true piece of cinema. A film that is not about nothing.

come and see

Part I:

Part II:

come and see3

I’m sorry the film is only in a lower quality but that is all I could source out. The fact it is split into two halves reminds me of another Soviet film, Dersu Uzala by Akira Kurosawa. It must have been a common narrative device for the cinema in those days. A useful tool for stories of such dramatic quality and length.

I would like to just add that the performances of the leading boy, and the girl astonish me.

Enjoy. “Well…”, as Garth Marenghi puts it, “I say, enjoy…”


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