Online Cinema

In this little clip Joe Dunton, BSC, GBCT introduces a few of the lenses Stanley Kubrick utilised during his career. It’s great to visually see the technology used in films, as well as, gain an understanding of the differences of lenses. Perhaps to gain a greater understanding of editing and approaching different scenes visually and for what reason.

arriflex35iicpasoliniarriflex35iiclucas              arriflex35iickubrick2

The three filmmakers: Pier Paolo Pasolini, George Lucas and a young Stanley Kubrick.



It suddenly occured to me that there are a great number of films to stream that have been uploaded to youtube. The idea of seeking cinema, which was such a climatic task in the days of VHS and DVD especially for a kid, are over. I use to watch whatever movie I could find on a small 34cm tv either from the video store, or recorded from a late night program slot because that’s when some of the most accessible films were played.

It’s always been my dream to open my own cinema. Maybe one day I will, and I will program all the movies that I feel will be most accesable and yet also, the most intrigueing, most captivating, most thought-provoking and most interesting movies the world has produced. Until then, I can get my practise in by seeking out what has been uploaded to youtube in a substantial quality to share with you.

1. Y Tu Mamá También

2. Come and See



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